Kirsten Levorson Appointed to New Position (May 2022 Newsletter Article)

Kirsten Levorson, with twenty years of deep experience and knowledge being in partnership with congregations in Tanzania, has been appointed as Acting Director of Bega Kwa Bega for the Saint Paul Area Synod. This is a full-time role on the synod staff through September. Kirsten has been involved with Bega Kwa Bega since her first visit to Tanzania in 2002 as a member of Shepherd of the Valley. She has more recently served on the Synod’s Iringa Task Force and the Iringa Committee, having chaired the committee for the past six years.

As Acting Director, Kirsten will move from overseeing SOTV’s Tanzania Partnership Steering Committee to overseeing the work of synod volunteers in Iringa, tending to synod wide relationships with the staff of the Diocese of Iringa, and supporting the work of the Iringa Committee as our synod’s representative.

You will still see Kirsten at SOTV, accompanying choirs in our music program and worshiping. SOTV’s Tanzania Partnership Steering Committee is dividing the many responsibilities that Kirsten has carried among many members. Are you interested in joining this exciting, impactful group at their third Thursday of the month meetings? Contact Pastor Randy Brandt at for more information.