Life of the Flock: Spring 2016

The Spring Life of the Flock is here with news, events, and ways to get involved in the life of the church during March, April, and May (2016).

The cover artwork (and on page 2) was created by Vonda Drees exclusively for Shepherd of the Valley. It portrays a Lenten “buried alleluia” sprouting into a beautiful Easter flower.

Many churches have a tradition of “burying” alleluias at the start of Lent, and taking them out on Easter morning. We refrain from singing alleluia (“praise the lord” in Hebrew) during Lent, a time of penance when we reflect and acknowledge our sins. We await the resurrection of our Lord on Easter when we may rejoin the choir of angels and celebrate with joy.


Wonderfully Complicated: A Lenten Reflection
by Sarah Bane

An Unimagined Journey
by Pastor Randy Brandt

Who is My Neighbor? The Clients and Supporters of Our Daily Bread Food Shelf
by Trip Sullivan

A Primary School for Mpalapande
by Kirsten Levorson

Understanding the Call Process
by Trip Sullivan

Capital Campaign Achievements and Plan for 2016
by Kari Slotten

Upcoming Events


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