Mpalapande Primary School Opens in 2018!

On January 8, 2018, classes opened at Mpalapande Primary School with 60 bright and shiny new desks for the students, a beautiful three classroom building, and high hopes for the students who will be relieved of the 4 mile one-way walk to their previous school.

On Boxing Day, a national holiday traditionally celebrated with gift giving, the students’ and teacher’s desks were delivered to the school. The whole village was present. First, the adults tried out the seats, and then the children had a turn. The people expressed their deep appreciation to the people of Shepherd of the Valley for the gift of the school. Contributions to the Capital Campaign funded this outreach project.

What’s next for our Tanzania Partnership?

In April, we will Walk for Water. Please pray, walk, and give to support these projects.

  • The village of Mpalapande is connected to a multi-village water pipeline and receives water for two hours, two days a week. The plan is to construct a new pipeline parallel, dedicated to serve just Mpalapande village and the Primary School.
  • The village of Ikwavila is neighbor to Mahove, a village that received a water project six years ago. Ikwavila currently gets water from a seep in a dry riverbed. When a family collects a bucket of water here, the next family has to wait a couple hours for the seep to refill before they can collect the next bucket. Again, a pipeline running parallel to the line for Mahove will bring water to this village.

Asante sana. Thank you for your generous gifts to support the Capital Campaign and your gifts to support our partnership with Tungamalenga, Makifu, and Usolanga Parishes.

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