November 7, 2019 Update

With some additional people completing the survey, we are now up to 705 responses. With the additional responses, I’ve noticed a few changes:

  • The order of the goal priorities changed slightly, with paying off the mortgage falling to last place and increasing benevolent giving rising to third place
  • A lot more electronic means or word of mouth for learning about our ministries (website, social media, talking with family or friends) instead of the paper resources like the monthly newsletter or promo cards
  • A stronger connection to our Learn ministry
  • An increase in the percent of people who feel that they are as active as they’d like to be at SOTV

Why do these changes matter? Because a big chunk of the additional responses came from our newly confirmed young adults in the church. The number one reason people wanted a connection to church was to pass on faith to children or loved ones. I look forward to exploring the ways we can use the survey results to continue to engage (and welcome new) young adults.