Nursery in 2018

(2018) We love caring for your children during worship services, and want to do all we can to ensure their safety. Please know the following important rules if you’d like to use the nursery.

• We’re able to watch children between the ages of one and three during worship times. Please consider our Christian education options for older children. Consider using the atrium area for extra space if you or your younger children need a break during worship.

• Upon check in, please complete the registration form and a numbered label for your child. Place the label on your child’s back.

• If you are picking up your child, be sure to have the matching numbered label with you. If no matching label is available, children will only be released to their parents or guardians.

• Please patiently wait for a staff person to admit and release your child, as only staff and approved nursery volunteers are allowed in the secured portion of the nursery.

• Please do not bring food into the nursery area. If your child will need to eat during worship, please come and check your child out of the nursery, and feel free to check them back in when they have finished eating.

Thank you for helping us keep our children safe!

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