One Body, Many Parts (2017)

There is one body. But it has many parts. Even though it has many parts, they make up one body. It is the same with Christ. We were all baptized by one Holy Spirit into one body.

– 1 Corinthians 12:12-13a

When I step into the Sanctuary, I see the hands that created artwork, that chose and hung colorful fabrics behind the large cross, and that crafted other decorations and displays. I see the hands that prepare the altar before worship, and clean the pews at the end of the day. I see the hands that prepare the bread and wine for Communion, and pass out bulletins, and fill nametag baskets. Around the church I see hands quilting or knitting, stocking items in the food shelf, making coffee, or setting up a room for the next program. Thank you Lord, for hands that create.

When I see volunteers in various roles, or walk by staff offices, I see ears. Patient ears that are ready to listen to someone feeling burdened with sorrow, or ready to explode with joy. Kind ears that will remember, kind ears that will pray. Thank you Lord, for ears that listen.

When I travel the back hallways, I see the hearts of teachers—in Preschool, GodZone, Confirmation, and adult programs—filled to the brim with the love of Christ, and ready to pass this love along to the minds of others.Thank you Lord, for hearts and minds.

So many feet enter in through our church doors each and every day. They come to worship, to learn, to connect, and to care. They may come not knowing what to expect, but they are welcomed in, transformed by the love of God, and are sent out into the world to share God’s love with others. Thank you Lord, for feet to spread your Word.

This month, we celebrate the many members that make up our church, and that make up the body of Christ. There is always room for one more in this church body. You are invited to be a part of it.  

– Trip Sullivan, Communications Director (2017)

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