Online Worshiping in 2020

Let us see how you worship from home in 2020!

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“You guys and gals are awesome. I will watch the service tonight or in the morning. You all are really helping us through this difficult time. Sending in my offering. The church needs to meet their responsibilities.” – Jacqueline

“Thank you for putting together this service so that we could feel ‘at home’ while watching from home.” – Kris

“I needed that! THANK YOU for the beautiful service, I may be watching it again tomorrow.” – Katie

“Communion is a constant reminder of my relationship with God, how I am served, and to be mindful of how I can serve others.” – Denise

“Communion for me is a very personal message from God telling me that Jesus died for me.” – Betty

“Amazing service, touching sermon and enjoyed the opportunity to give each other communion” – Kirsten

“Happy Easter everyone. I listened to the sermon twice. Nice job of spreading the Easter message.” – Jacqueline