Our Tanzanian Partners are Praying for Us (2020)

(2020) Messages from our partners in April have been full of prayers for our wellbeing.

  • “We pray for you every day. May God protect and hide you under his wings.”
  • “God, stretch your hands upon us and our partners in America against corona, Amen.”
  • “May God with his almighty powers be upon you all.”
  • “We pray that God can help us kick out this problem and save us from this disease.”
  • “Let us keep praying for each other.”

Yes, let us keep praying, indeed.

We’ve had another update on the flooding and infrastructure damage from our partners in Tungamalenga and Makifu:
Since the end of January, rains destroyed five bridges in the area, washed out crops, electricity is down, and many water pipelines were washed out, including those of our 2019 water projects at Mpalapande and Ikwavila. Just devastating news. Recently, the two bridges at Idodi and Mapogoro have been repaired, enabling travel from Iringa to Tungamalenga. The bridge leading out of Tungamalenga toward Makifu and the game park is still under repair. The local water committees in both areas have reported the problems to the government water engineers who can provide expertise, and the local village members are all contributing 4000 TSH per household toward the repairs.

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