Parents – we as a church promised to support you and your children


Good news, parents and sponsors! You did not make the promise alone to raise your kids in faith. We, your church, promised to support you, plus make it more possible and enjoyable for you to bring your child “to the services of God’s house.” Shepherd of the Valley has always loved its kiddos, but here are a few small, concrete ways we can all do our part here:

  • Smile at children and their parents. No scowls allowed!
  • Learn a child’s name, and greet them by name.
  • Let parents know how much you enjoy seeing their kids in worship.

Parent Connect

Parenting/caregiving group at 8:30 am, 9:45 am, and 11:00 am on Sundays during GodZone.

Share joys and challenges of raising children; receive wisdom and encouragement from other parents. Also, get tips and support for incorporating faith into daily life and worshiping with little kids.

Facilitated by trained volunteers. Infants are welcome to attend with parents and nursery care is provided for ages 1-3. For information on volunteer opportunities for 4th graders and older, contact