Pastor Randy To Take Sabbatical (2016)

Exciting News! Our… Pipe …Organ… debt …is… officially …paid …in …full.…

We are grateful for the wonderful support of the congregation for making it possible for SOTV to own this magnificent instrument.

Pastor Randy Brandt will be on a sabbatical from April 28 to July 20, 2016.

Shepherd of the Valley supports the eligibility of a 12-week sabbatical for ELCA rostered staff leaders every seventh year of service. A sabbatical is a time of leave from regular duties for rest, personal growth, reflection, study, and renewal. Shepherd of the Valley’s ministry has greatly benefited over the years by its rostered staff leaders being able to return from sabbaticals refreshed and revitalized.

Pastor Randy has been approved by the Church Council to partake in this important practice. He will research effective adult faith formation program, attend a Vibrant Faith workshop, and consult with area churches and ministry professionals. The goal of these studies will be to develop a “Faith Pathways” proposal for SOTV.

Pastor Randy will find renewal in daily study, prayer, and devotional reading of the Gospel of John. He will also spend time with family members in Colorado and North Carolina. During his sabbatical, Pastor Randy’s pastoral duties and tasks will be taken up by other pastors, staff members, and volunteers.

Please keep Pastor Randy and his family in your prayers during this time of sabbatical. We are grateful for his years of service and happy to support his ministry in this important way.

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