Tiny Try-It-Out: Playful Prayer

“Fold your hands, bow your head, close your eyes” is one way to pray—but prayer can be playful, too! There are lots of ways to make prayer fun! Whether your pray together as part of Candle Time, around the dinner table, before bed, or whenever the time seems right you can print, color, and cut out your own prayer cube to assemble at home and use with the whole family.

Parents, use your own discretion when it comes to your kids. If content is rated for certain ages then we will indicate that. Enjoy!

Pause, light a candle, & take 15 minutes for caring conversation and prayer.

Share: What were your high and low points today?
Read: 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.
Reflect: A prayer cube is one “tool” for helping you pray—what other creative ways have you prayed, or would you like to try?
Pray: “Dear God, inspire us to find playful ways to talk to You (and listen, too). Amen.”
Bless: Trace a cross on each other’s shoulder, hand, or head and say “[Name], you are a beloved child of God.”

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For more Bible texts, go to Suggested Scripture Readings.

Going Deeper

Make your very own Prayer Cubes by printing, cutting, coloring, and pasting—and then roll away and pray!

Mealtime Prayer Cube – before or after any meal, read what’s on the side you roll. Can you make up a song to remember the prayer?
Anytime Prayer Cube – every time you roll, add on to your prayer with what’s described on the side. Keep rolling until you get to say “Amen!”
Picture Prayer Cube – pray for something that reminds you of the picture you rolled – great to use with non-readers!
Emotion Prayer Cube – name the emotion that matches the emoji you rolled, and pray for something that makes you feel that way.
Make Your Own Prayer Cube – add anything you’d like to each of the six sides!

Watch the October 1-2 Good News for Kids for an overview of Prayer and how to use the Prayer Cube.

Discover more ways to Pray in the Good News for Kids from October 15-16.

Rock along with the SOTV worship band to “All the People Say Amen” (lyrics by Matt Maher).

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