Re-Creating a Family Favorite (2017)

At the Women’s Ministries 2017 Tour of Tables, four generations of Sue Carlson’s family enjoyed a table setting depicting the Wizard of Oz, and dressed in character for the event. The table included Sue, her daughters Emily Carlson and Sarah Lauer, granddaughters Greta (“Dorothy” who decorated the table) and Audrey Lauer, mother Joan Hawkins, mother-in-law Lucy Carlson, and Greta and Audrey’s Grandma Lauer.

Full description from the Tour of Tables booklet:

Sarah and Greta Lauer and Sue Carlson

My granddaughter Greta has had so much fun attending Tour of Tables over the past few years – and after watching her cousin Henry design his “I Love Lucy” table last year, she and my daughter Sarah offered to help with a table.

Greta is 11, and a 5th grader at All Saints Catholic School in Lakeville.  She loves art projects, and you can see her creativity come through in all the various table decorations, such as the Emerald City, the diploma for The Tin Man, etc.

Greta first saw this iconic movie when she was six years old.  Her favorite part is when the Cowardly Lion tried to attack Dorothy, Toto, the Tin Man, and the Scarecrow.  Her favorite character is the Cowardly Lion.

Greta is wearing an outfit that is her Grandma Lauer’s old dress. She also had an idea that all the attendees at our table should play some character part.  Instead of full costumes, we just decided to costume with character hats.

What a joy it has been for me to have four generations of my family look forward to this yearly celebration of faith, food and fellowship – interspersed with a little bit of creativity.

We hope some of the memorabilia and pictures on our table bring back wonderful memories of this all-time favorite movie.

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