Shepherd of the Valley Congregation Members Answer…What are you hungering for in your life? (2018)


“I hunger to remain relevant in my daughters lives. I hunger for continued and deepening purpose in my work. I hunger for our politicians to work together for the greater good. I hunger for enough food for all. And, of course, hunger for a deepening faith.”

“I hunger for clarity of purpose and direction during a transition time in my life. I hunger for patience and compassion towards my spouse with a chronic medical issue.”

“Civility in our public and private discourse – being polite, reasonable and courteous, whether we agree or disagree.
Respect – for ALL God’s creatures – great and small, and for both the differences and similarities between ALL of us.
Connectedness – opportunities for everyone, everywhere, to be free from isolation and loneliness.”

“More civility, for the name calling to stop, and for recognition by one another that we are human beings with feelings and thoughts. Less divisiveness, more compromise. Less talking and attacking, more listening and HEARING.”

“A deeper connection within my relationship with God as well as my ‘fellow man’. A greater understanding of the Word and a closer walk with our Lord. Another hunger is for more compassion and kindness to bridge the differences we have.”

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