Stewardship Corner (2018)

(2018) God lets us participate in his redemption of the world. We have the opportunity to use the gifts God has entrusted to us— our finances, talents, spiritual gifts, relationships, and lives— to advance his kingdom on earth.

A story from an Arizona summer camp illustrates this privilege. At the beginning of camp, each child turned in personal spending money in exchange for a “bank card.” When a camper made a purchase at the snack bar, her card was charged. On the next-to-last day of camp, the counselors offered the children a chance to give money remaining on their cards to the work of a missionary family in New Mexico. One girl said, “I have $5.23 left. I only want to keep 40 cents for a soda tomorrow; I don’t have to have a candy bar. I want to give the rest to the missionaries. How much do I get to give?”

Perhaps, we are not as free as a child at summer camp to give, since we have many obligations. But, as children of God, we can ask ourselves: Is our stewardship of our blessings faithful to God’s will to advance his kingdom? How much do we need for ourselves?

The apostle Paul tells us that we can glorify God and be enriched in every way by our generosity as we meet the needs of others. How much of your time, finances, and talents do you get to give?

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