Thank you Judy Hartfiel, SOTV Food Shelf Coordinator

SOTV says, “Thank you Judy Hartfiel for all you have done for the SOTV Food Shelf!” as she steps back from her coordinator position after nearly 12 years of devoted leadership.

Judy retired from work in 2011 and then began volunteering, soon helping with HR responsibilities because of her professional background: organizing job descriptions, supporting annual background checks, and writing procedure manuals.

She remembers with grateful pride when SOTV became a “Super Shelf” and clients could select their own food items rather than pick up pre-packed bags. “We’ve made so many changes in the amount of room, shelving, and organization through the years, and more space can always be used for this ministry,” she observed.

Judy says, “Jane Syverson, Cherryl Mesko, and I have worked so well together as Food Shelf Coordinators. Most people don’t know how carefully every dollar is spent and all the coordination that takes place in order to receive rescue food from local stores, needed supplies from Second Harvest, or what we need to go out and buy ourselves.”

Thanks be to God for Judy Harfiel and all those who contribute in various ways to the success of the SOTV Food Shelf.