Thank You Lori Bullock!

We wish you happiness during your retirement!

After 19 years of ministry, Lori Bullock has retired from SOTV as of April 1, 2020. She will be focusing on helping her mother with an upcoming surgery, and is looking forward to being an active volunteer at SOTV.

We are grateful for Lori’s many years of dedicated ministry, and wish her all the best in this transition.

Lori has been a member of Shepherd of the Valley for 26 years. She started working full-time at SOTV when her daughter began Kindergarten, and she has now graduated college!

As a young mother, Lori joined Moms Group where she immediately felt like she had found “home,” a safe and warm environment full of fun and encouragement in the role of a parent. In fact, she met two of her best and lifelong friends in that group! Throughout the years, Lori volunteered as a Moms Group Leader, GodZone teacher, and confirmation guide.

In her most recent role, Lori has served as the staff liaison for many “Connect” groups and ministries, helping them plan events. She has worked with several groups: Women’s, Men’s, and Couples’ Ministries; OKs (Older Kids), WINK, Arts Corner, Quilters, and Pet Ministry. She also had key leadership in some special events, like the Block Party.

Lori loved helping people get connected with other people socially, so they feel loved and a central part of the community of Christ.