The Gifts of Stewardship (September 2021 Newsletter Article)

By Rachel Wermerskirchen, Stewardship Leadership Team Chairperson

As part of my gratitude practice, I intentionally make time each day to give thanks for the gifts that God has bestowed onto me. Those gifts include:

  • Time – to serve my family, friends, and neighbors; to care for others as well as my own health and wellness; and to aid people in marginalized communities who have fewer privileges than myself
  • Skills – my talents and abilities in different subjects and areas
  • Possessions and money – the property and financial resources that I possess

I rejoice each time I am reminded that our creator has blessed each of us with a variety of unique and valuable gifts. Furthermore, God entrusts us to care for and manage those gifts so that we may bless and share them with others.

This is what stewardship is all about.

It all starts with God. Through an outpouring of love and grace, God generously provides a wealth of gifts to us. Out of gratitude, we respond by generously giving and sharing these gifts which we have received.

Stewardship is an essential element of our faith community since it centers on our relationship with God and fulfilling God’s mission in the world. Therefore, SOTV has its own Stewardship Leadership Team. I joined about 2 years ago and currently serve as chairperson. The team is composed of 8 to 10 people who meet once per month to discuss stewardship topics, themes, and campaigns. For example, in December 2020 we wrapped up a 5-year Capital Campaign that raised gifts totaling over $3 million. We also helped coordinate the thematic development and design of the 2019 Coffee Cup Challenge and current Embracing Hope campaign. Our agenda involves discussing communication tactics, such as our new webpage; strategizing on how to improve and facilitate gift giving; anticipating future congregational needs; and assisting with planning events. Currently, we are preparing for Stewardship Sunday and a SOTV 40th anniversary celebration event in November. (Stay tuned for more information!)

When I first joined the Stewardship Leadership Team, I was unaware of the scope and true definition of the term “stewardship.” I now understand its holistic nature and how it is integral to our identity as beloved children of God. Thanks be to God for each of you who joyfully and generously answers the call to give and share your gifts. Together, we are doing God’s work in our church and world!

We are currently seeking new members for the Stewardship Leadership Team. To learn more, email Kari Slotten at To learn more about stewardship at SOTV, visit our webpage (