This week (October 29, 2019) we’re sharing some of the top results!

We still have a lot to learn, so check back each week for current updates.

About the Survey
We had over 620 people complete the survey! We’ve seen the overall top vote-getters for each question, but are spending time looking at answers by age and adding context for responses. Here are the top vote-getters:

  • How do you prioritize these goals for SOTV?
    #1 was “Ministry in times of transition”
  • Why do you value connection to church?
    #1 was “Pass on faith to children or other loved ones”
  • Are you as active as you’d like to be at SOTV?
    261 no, 328 yes
  • What impacts whether or not you participate at SOTV?
    #1 was “timing”
  • What motivates you to give?
    #1 was “Belief in the mission”

About the Skills & Interests
Around 500 people completed the skills and interest page of the survey (and included their name, so we could match them with a real person). Here are some of the most common skills and interests of the respondents:


  • 122 people said they have administrative skills
  • 195 people said they have caring skills
  • 133 people said they have communication skills
  • 120 people said they have cooking skills
  • 103 people said they have music or performance skills
  • 230 people said they have welcoming skills


  • 240 people are interested in Adult Education
  • 128 people are interested in Care Ministry
  • 100 people are interested in Children and Youth
  • 210 people are interested in Connect in Fellowship
  • 131 people are interested in Worship and Music
  • 206 people are interested in One-Time Service
  • 144 people are interested in Regular Service

About the Focus Groups
We’ve had 67 people participate in focus groups so far, with a few more focus groups with parents coming this next week. Here are some interesting learnings so far:

  • While “ministry in times of transition” led the survey results, many people discuss the debt (pros and cons of paying it off early) in focus groups
  • People trust in leadership and value the ministry here. If we communicate clear needs and rationale, people are willing to support them (through giving and volunteering)
  • People value being a part of a Christian community for many reasons; including the items in #2 (a place to give back, to come when struggling, for worship, to pass on faith to children, and to study and learn)
  • Many people learn about what’s happening here during worship (bulletin, announcements, or slides on screens). How can we use these tools well without detracting from the worship experience?