Tim Schaefer Returns to Teach Crossways (2016)

Longtime Crossways Bible Study teacher Tim Schaefer makes his return to SOTV this fall (2016) to teach “See Through the Scriptures” beginning September 12 at 7:00 pm. We caught up with Tim to learn a little bit more about the new class. 

How long have you been teaching Crossways courses?
I went to the first-ever workshop Harry Wendt ever did in this country–June of 1979.  I began teaching it that fall, and have been doing so almost every year since.  In 1999 I began going around the country doing workshops for Crossways International–20 – 30 of them a year until 2008, and sporadically ever since.  I began teaching Crossways at SOTV in either ’96 or ’97!

Why is teaching the Bible to others important to you?
Each Christian is graced  with one or more spiritual gifts. I am convinced that at the very minimum one of mine is teaching. Equally important is that the teaching process helps to keep my focus squarely on proper membership in the Kingdom of God and its Messiah, Jesus the Lord.  The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life work as hard on me as anyone else in the satanic attempt to derail my journey of discipleship in the Lord’s Kingdom. Teaching is a perfect discipline that helps keep my eyes on the goal.

How would you describe Crossways to someone unfamiliar with it?
Crossways is a helicopter ride over the forest of the Scriptures. We hover and study, and now and then we land for a thorough examination of the trees. Because of the hover, we know where the trees fit into the big picture of the forest. Also, experience has taught me to ask two questions of the text: a) What is the story that informs the text; and b) What is the culture that informs the text. All of this has one purpose: to help us better understand  the mind and manner of Jesus the Messiah, and to seek to become in His kingdom what he has, by His grace, already declared us to be. 

Who should participate in See Through the Scriptures?
I can’t think of anyone who for any reason shouldn’t do it. It is somewhat like asking those present at a family gathering for Thanksgiving: “Who shouldn’t participate in the feast?”

What about people who previously took the 2-year Crossways study with you?
We are life-long students of the Lord Jesus and full-time members of His kingdom. Bible study is daily bread for the whole person! Therefore, those having gone through the 2 year program will have a great opportunity to have it all “summed up” for them again. At any rate, Bible study is not to be viewed like visiting the grand canyon—I’ve been there once, therefore I don’t need to visit again. Bible study is a full time, life-long endeavor that nurtures the disciples of Jesus living in His kingdom. We are never “done.” Immersion in scripture helps to maintain focus on the chief Shepherd of the flock. There are plenty of distractions to that focus facing us each day.

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