Tiny Try-It-Out: Communion: Sharing God’s Gift of Grace

Through his life and ministry, Jesus showed us again and again what love looks like. We focus this month on where we see God’s grace and love in the meals Jesus shared with powerful people and outcasts, strangers and friends. On this page find activities, videos, and conversation prompts that help us explore God’s gift of grace for us, and empower us to share that gift with others.

Parents, use your own discretion when it comes to your kids. If content is rated for certain ages then we will indicate that. Enjoy!

Pause, light a candle, & take 15 minutes for caring conversation and prayer.

Share: What were your high and low points today?
Read: 1 Corinthians 10:17: “Because there is one bread, we who are many are one body, for we all partake of the one bread.“
Reflect: Sharing the Lord’s Supper unites us with people both in our community and around the world. Which far-away person or group of people will you have in mind the next time you receive Communion?
Pray: ” Dear God, help us to extend your gracious welcome and strengthen connections with neighbors and across cultures. Amen.”
Bless: Trace a cross on each other’s shoulder, hand, or head and say “[Name], you are a beloved child of God.”

For more conversation starters, try Daring Deep Discussions.
For more Bible texts, go to Suggested Scripture Readings.

Going Deeper

  • Practice generosity by feeding friends, neighbors, and even strangers! For both of the following projects, you can print and personalize a Gift Tag with a note or drawing. Before making your delivery, read Mark 14:21-24 and say a prayer over the food, just like Jesus did!
    • Spread God’s gift of grace in your neighborhood by making food to surprise a neighbor or friend!
    • Spread God’s gift of grace in the wider community by donating shelf-stable food to the Food Shelf, which will be distributed to those in need.
  • Play the Given For You Game with family or friends. Print and cut out the cards and use
    these images from the Last Supper and Holy Week to play games similar to Go Fish, Memory, and Old Maid.
  • Learn about Shepherd of the Valley’s practice of Holy Communion on our website, by attending a learning event, or talking with a Pastor. There is a place for you (and everyone) at God’s Table!

Watch Saddleback Kids’ animated depiction of the Last Supper Jesus shared with his disciples.

What is the magic ingredient that makes Stone Soup so delicious? Anytime we share our gifts (which could be food or kindness or something else), everyone experiences God’s love! This version of the classic folktale is retold by Heather Forest and illustrated by Susan Gaber.

Enjoy “Crowded Table” by The Highwomen. At God’s table there is always room for one more, and always room for you!

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