Tiny Try-It-Out: God's Story, Our Story

The Apostle’s Creed tells the story of who God is, and when we profess our faith, we share both God’s story, and our part in it. Make your own mini book and find other activities and ideas to share the story of God and your faith!

Parents, use your own discretion when it comes to your kids. If content is rated for certain ages then we will indicate that. Enjoy!

Pause, light a candle, & take 15 minutes for caring conversation and prayer.

Share: What were your high and low points today?
Read: 1 John 4:16: “So we have known and believe the love that God has for us. God is love, and those who abide in love abide in God, and God abides in them.”
Reflect:This verse says that God and God’s love stays with you, which means God is there through life’s ups and downs. Tell about a time—happy or sad—when you noticed God’s love.
Pray: “Dear God of love, thank you for remaining with us always. Help us to tell our story, remembering that you were there for every part of it. Amen.”
Bless: Trace a cross on each other’s shoulder, hand, or head and say “[Name], you are a beloved child of God.”

For more conversation starters, try Daring Deep Discussions.
For more Bible texts, go to Suggested Scripture Readings.

Going Deeper

  • Create your own mini book by coloring in the illustrated template, or drawing/writing your own story in the blank template about a time when you experienced God’s love. Share your book with your family or a friend.
  • Use these questions to prompt someone you care about to share with you about their faith. It may be in the form of an interview, or it may become more of a conversation—so be open to sharing your own stories, too.
  • Explore this list of excellent picture books and middle grade books with strong personal narratives. Hearing others’ stories can inspire and help us tell our own!
  • Seek out interfaith stories and experiences by visiting a mosque, temple, other gathering place with a friend who practices a different religion (or Christian denomination) than you. Learn beforehand about expectations for attire, behavior, or other aspects of the gathering (like food or rituals) that will help you participate or observe with sensitivity, confidence, and respect. A spirit of curiosity and care will help make this type of visit an important faith experience for you and an opportunity to deepen relationships with others.

While you watch the music video “God is in this Story,” by Katy Nicole and Big Daddy Weave, reflect on where God shows up in the details of your story.

Enjoy “My Very Favorite Book in the Whole World,” read by the author Malcom Mitchell (illustrated by Michael Robertson). Do you have a favorite book? Have you ever written a story?

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