Twende! Let’s Go! (2019)

Journey to Tanzania with SOTV July 13 -25, 2020
Informational Meeting: October 10, 2019 at 7:00 pm
Deposit Due: October 15, 2019

For more than thirty years, the people of the Saint Paul Area Synod (SPAS) and the people of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania’s Iringa Diocese (DIRA) have been walking beside one another “Bega Kwa Bega” or “shoulder to shoulder,” as we accompany one another in a spirit of mutuality, inclusivity, and vulnerability. At its best, this Bega Kwa Bega relationship is reciprocal and involves teaching and listening…giving and receiving…as we work and celebrate life lived together in Christ. Shepherd of the Valley has been involved since 2001, partnered with parishes in Makifu, Tungamalenga, and Usolanga.

Join us on this journey! We’ll spend time in Iringa, learning about the diocese’s wide range of ministries. Next, we’ll spend time in rural villages with our partners, learning their particular challenges, hopes, and dreams. We’ll conclude the trip with two days on safari in Ruaha National Park for a time of reflection and awe in this part of God’s creation.

Whether you’ve visited partners in Tanzania before or are considering traveling there for the very first time, you will experience the warm, gracious hospitality of our brothers and sisters in Christ. Singing and worshiping together, you will experience the vibrancy of the fast-growing Tanzanian Lutheran Church. Through planned activities and serendipitous encounters, this journey will deepen your appreciation and broaden your understanding of the life we share as companions.

We warmly welcome you – karibu sana,
Pastor Randy Brandt & Kirsten Levorson, Group Leaders

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