Utilizing God’s Gifts in New Ways (2019 Congregational Survey)

(2019 Congregational Survey)

Some staff are wondering how we might use the skills shared by our members to do new ministry. Here are a few thoughts:

Nursing. 33 people shared that they have nursing skills. What could the parish nurse ministry look like moving forward (blood pressure checks, going to doctor appointments, teaching classes)? How can we incorporate nursing skills of non-degreed/licensed people into our Care Ministry? How can we use these skills to respond to current issues with different age groups?

Advocacy. 67 people shared that they have advocacy skills. Is there new energy for past ministries (environmental causes, ministry for people with disabilities, military families)? What new issues are our people passionate about?

Evangelism. 31 people shared that they have evangelism skills. How do people interpret evangelism? How can we support and encourage them? Can they be leaders in equipping others for evangelism?

Fundraising. 42 people shared that they have fundraising skills. How can those gifts be used in non-traditional ways? Can this group help brainstorm new ideas for stewardship, and/or join the stewardship team? How do we include youth and young adults?

Artistic. 92 people shared that they have artistic skills. How can we bring new life and energy to our facility? How do we showcase the people and talents of our congregation as we welcome people here?

Athlete or Coach. 104 people shared that they have skills as an athlete or coach. What sports are people interested in? Do we have any league opportunities? Can we use these skills to have more of a presence in the community (either by representing SOTV as a team, or by offering community opportunities for kids)?

Do you have any ideas? Did you list one of these skills for your own profile? Feel free to share your thoughts with me, Kari Slotten, and let’s see what new ministries emerge in the coming year!