Welcome, Tanzanian Guests! (2016)

Pastor Paulo Masinga and Evangelist George Kioniani Visit SOTV April 1-15, 2016

We are delighted to welcome our friends to Minnesota and Shepherd of the Valley! George is a dear friend whom we met on our first visit to Tungamalenga in 2002. He is a farmer, is married and has six children, and also cares for the children of his deceased brother. He is a lay evangelist, a member of the parish staff who ministers to congregants, assisting the parish pastors. He currently serves as secretary/treasurer of Makifu Parish and is involved in planning and executing partnership projects.

Pastor Paulo was the first Maasai pastor ordained in the Iringa Diocese and has been an associate pastor of Tungamalenga Parish since 2004. He is married to Leah and they have six children. His oldest son, Amon, serves as an evangelist within the parish. Pastor Paulo lives in Mpalapande village.

We are delighted to have this opportunity to host our dear friends at SOTV. So many travelers have experienced their gracious hospitality during our visits to their home, and now we are grateful to have the chance to reciprocate that hospitality.

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