What are your dreams for SOTV? (2020)

By SOTV Church Council Members (2020)

My dreams for SOTV are…

  • To continue to have a strong, positive spiritual impact for those in our congregation and for those that we help and serve outside of our congregation.
  • To continue to provide a variety of outstanding programs and opportunities that are meaningful and helpful to all the different groups in our congregation.
  • To continue to make SOTV truly feel like a “home away from home”

Michael Kelly, Council President

I hope we continue to have a growing, meaningful presence in our community so that people come to know the love and grace of Christ through us.

Kari Slotten

My dream is that the Holy Spirit will continue to actively stir the hearts of our faith community. I hope she will inspire us to perform bigger and bolder acts of love, giving and service and that she will nudge us out of our comfort zones in order to help and seek justice for people who are marginalized and less privileged than ourselves. I also pray that our community strives to be so welcoming and inviting that all who enter our doors feel accepted, loved, and able to reveal their authentic selves.

Rachel Wermerskirchen

Pastor Rick recently sent out a message identifying some ideas about how SOTV could emerge from this crisis and use it to become a better church. His thoughts are worth exploring in the future as we may think differently about what it means to be the love that Jesus asks us to be in the world. Jesus commands that we love our neighbors even when it’s hard, and I know that throughout the world there have been many examples of God’s love during this very difficult time. I hope we continue to strengthen our love and commitment to do God’s work in the world by supporting others in the congregation, those in the local community and worldwide.

Lynn Hernandez

My dream is for SOTV to be debt-free so we can focus God’s resources not on interest payments, but rather on things that matter: our programs, our community, and those in need near and far.

Bernie Zimmermann