What motivates people to give? Part 2. (2019 Congregational Survey)

(2019 Congregational Survey)

Belief in the mission was number one reason for why people give.

What is our mission? Do you know?

Many people might not know a specific statement, but like how they feel at SOTV or like to hear about the impact we make in the world around us. Some people volunteer here in ways that really make a difference, and feel like that’s a pretty great mission too.

Some people might remember the mission statement we had before: We invite all people to experience the welcome, transformation, and sending of Jesus Christ. Remember the rotating years of “welcome,” “transform,” and “send”?

Or maybe you’ve been seeing some current language we’ve started introducing: Welcome Home. Gathered, Loved, Sent.

While all of the things mentioned above are variations on the same theme, we’ve been waiting to learn from the survey and focus groups to see what we might be missing. Here are a few things we heard:

  • Are all people really welcome? If so, why don’t we have more specific statements on our website, or have some signs outside?
  • What does welcome really mean? Does it mean we might need to change the way we do things to be more inclusive, or can I just be friendlier or more helpful to people who are different than me?
  • Where do we draw the line? Are people who intend harm or have behaviors that endanger others welcome here too?

Later this month, the Council will have a 1/2 day session to consider how the survey and focus groups affect our mission and vision at SOTV. You’ll also be seeing a series of newsletter articles about “all are welcome” in the coming months that help give some clarity to this concept (the January article was “All Are Welcome – Even The Youngest Among Us” – see the newsletter here).

What do you think? Let me know at kari.slotten@sotv.org