Who’s Who in our Tanzanian Partnerships?

Ten SOTV members had planned to be in Tanzania this month (July 2020) to visit our partners in Makifu, Tungamalenga, and Usolanga Parishes. While the travel has been postponed due to COVID-19, our prayers and partnership can continue. Here’s an introduction to our companions’ leaders.

Pastor Karimu Mkini is the Senior Pastor at Makifu Parish. SOTV provides a motorcycle that enables him to visit and minister to nine village congregations in the parish. He oversees parish projects, including the recent construction of a roof for the chapel at Kisilwa.

Pastor Petro Shangalima is the Associate Pastor at Makifu Parish. One of few Maasai pastors in the Iringa Diocese, he lives in Mahove and has been instrumental in implementing water projects at Mahove and Ikwavila. The Maasai congregations in this area are growing rapidly due to his joyful evangelism.

Pastor Rahai Mgeveke leads Tungamalenga Parish, providing ministry to seven village congregations and several mission fields. Recent projects include the water project at Mpalapande.

Pastor Paulo Massinga, who visited SOTV in 2015, serves as Associate Pastor for Tungamalenga and lives in Mpalapande. He gave strong leadership during the construction of the Mpalapande Primary School and the Mpalapande water project.

Barnabas Kahwage is the renaissance man of Tungamalenga Parish. Trained as both pastor and doctor, he oversees the Tungamalenga Dispensary [clinic] and provides the best medical care available in the area. He also fills in when pastoral care is needed in the parish. Finally, he also directs the award winning adult choir for the parish.

Pastor Patrick Chaulla has served as Senior Pastor of Usolanga Parish for about 15 years, a relatively long tenure for Tanzanian pastors. His consistent leadership resulted in steady growth in the church and timely expansion of village chapels. Recently, one of the village congregations grew to the point that it was established as an independent new parish.

We hear from these leaders every few weeks via email or other messages. Every time, they tell us how fervently they are praying for us, especially in this time of COVID-19. Please continue to keep our friends in your prayers as they face not only the pandemic challenges, but also poverty, heavy rains, interrupted transportation and infrastructure, and the strong possibility of food insecurity later this summer and fall.