Why Do We Call it Christmas?


The GodZone Christmas Program was a wonderful celebration of the birth of Christ! We sang traditional carols with the worship band and acted out the story from Luke. Our Christmas puppet, Holly Day asked three important Christmas questions that Pastor Randy answered along with some fun video clips. Here they are:  

Why do we call it Christmas?

The word Christmas was derived from The traditional European celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth. This worship included the sacrament of the Eucharist (the bread and wine), known more commonly as “Mass” or Holy Communion. Over time, “Christ’s Mass” became Christmas.

Why do we have Christmas trees?

Legend has it Saint Boniface, a Christian missionary, convinced a German tribe that the oak tree they were worshiping was not a god by cutting the tree down. Standing next to the fallen oak tree was a fir tree that Boniface declared to be a symbol of their true God Jesus Christ. The branches are always green even in the darkest days just like Jesus’ light. The branches reach out to embrace like Christ’s love and the top points to heaven where we will spend eternal life with Him.

Why is Santa Claus part of Christmas?

Saint Nicholas was a 4th century bishop who gave his large inheritance to the needy by throwing bags of coins through their windows at night. Coins would land by the fireplace and in their shoes and stocking that were hung to dry. His generosity made him so popular that he earned his own holiday on December 6. Bishops wore red and it was cold on St. Nikolas day in Europe, so his robe was line with red fur. In German Saint Nicholas is pronounced Sant Niklaus. If you say it fast over and over…Sant Niklaus, Sant Nicklaus, you’ll hear the word Santa Claus.

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