Winter Outerwear with Bev Ulrich

(2019) For the past 10 years, Bev and her husband have been supporters of the winter outerwear drive. They focus on all types, sizes, and styles of kids coats.

Every year, they try to donate at least 20 brand new coats. Bev has a rule that she won’t spend more than $30 per coat; and she spends time looking for good deals. She will even store coats for a year to make sure she has them for the drive.

Bev said: “I hate to think of a kid not having a warm winter coat.” She remembers her own kids being excited when they received new winter coats, and this helps drive her.

She started collecting for the drive because she could get good deals (with an employee discount), she wanted to make sure kids had coats for the winter, and there was a posting in the bulletin asking for help.

Bev not only buys new kids winter coats, she will bring in neighbors’ and her own kids’ coats if they are getting rid of them.

One of her proud memories is finding a brand new $80 coat for $3!

The only thing they have trouble with is storing them, so let her know if you have room!