Grandparent Tiny Try-It-Out: Blessing

Speak the words “You are a child of God” and trace a cross with your finger.

When we bless one another, we affirm that we are claimed and loved by almighty God. Use a Blessing Coloring Page to inspire your daily blessings and share blessings with others!

Ideas for Grandparents

Consider these ideas for sharing a blessing that you can incorporate into your own unique circumstances:

  • As a regular caregiver for little ones: Encourage the playful blessing of all members of the household (human and otherwise), by tracing a gentle cross on siblings, pets, dolls, stuffed animals, and each other.
  • At a special family gathering: Turn these blessing cards into place cards at the dinner table. Have each person turn to their right and say “[Name], child of God, remember you are [pick a word on the card].
  • From a distance: At the end of a Facetime or Zoom call, draw a cross in front of the camera and say “[Name], child of God, Jesus loves you and so do I.”
  • With older grandkids: Color and mail a blessing card with a note to “stick this by your bed or on your mirror so you’re reminded every day that God loves you, and so do I.”

How will you share a blessing with those you love?

You're invited!

Grandparent / Kid Camp at Wapo
Dates: July 18-21 (Tues-Fri)

With a focus on giving grandparents and their grandkids an opportunity to do camp together, this camp is open to all the generations, from parents, to aunts and uncles, and even cousins. Included: meals, lodging, and fun camp activities that range from swimming in the lake, campfires, crafts, and much more. Come make memories that will last a lifetime! More information and registration at

Highlights from Home

…and Adventures at Camp!

Eric & Kathy Larson made wonderful memories with their granddaughters Luci and Lily at Wapo’s Family Camp Weekend last summer.

The Larsons were thrilled to share the camp experience with both girls, and especially Luci, who has some cognitive disabilities, and was not ready to attend camp on her own. Highlights included watching the cousins practice and perform a gymnastics routine together for the talent show. Lily loved playing Gaga Ball with the other kids.

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