Love & Relationships

God created the world and all that it is in it; and God called it “good.” Then God said “it is not good” that we should be alone—we are designed for love and relationships. To better understand who we are as both children of God and sexual beings, we can explore topics like healthy intimacy, connectedness, consent, and sexual identity through a lens of faith.

Parents, use your own discretion when it comes to your kids. If content is rated for certain ages then we will indicate that. Enjoy!

Pause, light a candle, & take 15 minutes for caring conversation and prayer.

Share: What were your high and low points today?
Read: Genesis 1:1—2:4. “…So God created humankind in his image, in the image of God he created them…God saw everything that he had made, and indeed, it was very good…”
Reflect: In reading or skimming the whole first creation story, count how many times God says, “this is good!” Now name silently or out loud 7 parts of you (hmmmm…also God’s creation!) and say,
along with God, “this is good!” How did that feel?
Pray: “God, who creates us all and calls us good, help us to see and give thanks for the wonder, beauty, and awesomeness of all of your creation—especially me. Amen.”
Bless: Trace a cross on each other’s shoulder, hand, or head and say “[Name], you are a beloved child of God.”

For more conversation starters, try Daring Deep Discussions.
For more Bible texts, go to Suggested Scripture Readings.

Going Deeper

  • Practice seeing the “image of God.” Incorporate these ideas during play time or story time to notice God’s good creation in the people (real or imaginary) we encounter each day in our families and books—even in the mirror!
  • Equip your children with healthy consent skills. Find concrete action items and teaching tools for parents of kids age 1-21 here and watch videos together that use humor to address consent in age-appropriate ways for teens+ and young children.
  • Read Queerfully and wonderfully Made: A Guide for LGBTQ+ Christian Teens. Whether you’re a teen who is queer or questioning, understanding sexuality and gender identity can be confusing. Hear from LGBTQ+ professionals and young adult queer Christians, and hear the good news: God loves you exactly as you are.
  • Explore a wealth of resources for Parents. Recommended by Karin Galloway Egge, Parent Educator and Love & Relationships workshop facilitator (presented at Shepherd of the Valley on February 2, 2022).

Watch the video “Sexuality, Faith and Culture” with your teens/pre-teens to open a conversation about your values (from

Parents, if you wonder how to help your children connect faith and sexuality/relationships, “How Can I Teach My Values?” is a great place to start (from

Cory Silverburg’s “What Makes a Baby?” is a picture book read-aloud for all types of families (toddlers and up) who are curious about how they came to be.

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