Purposeful Retirement

Are you retired now, but wanting more purpose in your life? 
Are you planning your retirement, but not sure how you’ll spend your time?
We recognize the importance of having purpose, community, and vitality in retirement.

Purposeful Retirement was created at Shepherd of the Valley in 2014. Hundreds of people like you don’t want life to stop in retirement, but want to find their new purpose in this next chapter of life:

  • learn new things
  • use their skills in new ways
  • help others
  • be in community with others

What to Expect

Purposeful Retirement hosts monthly presentations on topics of interest. Most are free, and include a chance for small group discussion. Past topics have included:

  • volunteering
  • the church’s role in politics
  • technology
  • healthy living
  • retirement planning, and more!

Purposeful Retirement also has a variety of affinity groups, or smaller groups centered on different interests. Check out one of our existing groups below, or help start a new one!

  • Ancestry Group
  • Biking Group
  • Book Club
  • Downsizing Group
  • Game Group
  • Legacy Writing
  • Lunch Group
  • Needles of the Valley
  • Pickleball
  • Service Group
  • Traveling Shepherds

Who Can Attend

Events and affinity groups are open to anyone nearing retirement or already retired, even if they aren’t members of Shepherd of the Valley.

Additional Information

There is a Purposeful Retirement bulletin board located in the hallway between the narthex and Great Hall. Stop by to see pictures from previous events.

To receive email notifications about upcoming events or to join an affinity group, email Julie


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