What Exactly is Purposeful Retirement and Why Should I Be Involved? (July 2022 Newsletter Article)

Perhaps you’ve seen announcements for events sponsored by Purposeful Retirement and wondered just what the group is all about. Well let’s clear that up!

Purposeful Retirement was created at SOTV in 2014 specifically…“to enable our church members and others in the community to live a purposeful retirement through faith, learning, connecting, and caring experiences.” This mission is accomplished through monthly events hosted by the group, as well as regularly scheduled gatherings planned by Affinity Groups (see below).

While retirees have the gift of time to utilize, there is also a need to find meaningful ways to spend that time. Social connections and purpose that jobs once provided must be found in other ways. Opportunities to be of service to others can also be important. Many retirees are looking for growth and challenge – ways to continue living vibrant, meaningful lives. The programs and events offered by Purposeful Retirement aim to meet these diverse needs. We plan presentations designed to inform and enrich the lives of retirees who want to make the most of these years. You may want to help at one of our events – we are always looking for people with ideas and energy to help us provide the most enriching and informative programs possible.

If you’re seeking involvement with others around relevant topics and issues, we invite you to join one of the Affinity Groups. These groups meet to engage members in activities of a common interest which range from physical (pickleball and biking) to reading, knitting, dining out, service, travel, and more. There is even a new card group that will be starting in September. (A full list of these groups is available at sotv.org/purposeful-retirement.)

If you seek more purpose in your retirement, please join us at a Purposeful Retirement monthly event or join an Affinity Group. For questions or to help, please contact Julie Opheim.