Leadership Teams


At Shepherd of the Valley, we actively encourage our lay members to be involved in the governance of the church. In addition to church council, we have many leadership teams that work in a specific areas of ministry. Each team has an appointed council representative. If you are interested in joining any of these groups, please complete an application and email it to nominations@sotv.org

Benevolence Leadership Team

This team directs the giving of financial resources to our ministry partners locally, nationally and around the world.

Katie Ellis, Council Representative/Co-chair
Nikki Zeches, Council Representative/Co-chair
Judy Anderson, Member
Jean Horton, Member
Melissa Taphorn, Member
Sue Wenberg, Member
Lisa Hegerman, Adult Ministries Director: Social Concerns
Wendy Steger, Pastor, Connect
1 Member Opening - complete an application

Call Committee 2018

This committee manages the recruitment and call process for our current pastoral opportunity, which is a Care Pastor. They serve until the position has been filled.

Rob Cronin
Dave Kocemba
Ken Loher
Tamara Scott
Melissa Taphorn
Rachel Wermerskirchen
Arlen Wilson
Jennifer Davidson, Staff Representative
Cheryl Seely, Council Representative

A search for a new Associate Pastor is underway. The Call Committee has begun their work together and is looking for your participation in nominating qualified candidates. Please use the Candidate Nomination form, it is also available at the Welcome Center. Submit your nomination to call@sotv.org or turn in the form to the Welcome Center. Thank you for participating! Nominations due no later than Monday, April 30, 2018.

Endowment Leadership Team

Receives and administers bequests, estates, insurance and other assets in the endowment fund with the purpose of serving the mission of SOTV.

David Kuhnau, Chair
Michael Schaeffer, Council Representative/Treasurer
Jim Hanson, Member
Mollie MacLean, Member
Chap Milis, Secretary
Troy Nelson, Member
Lee Sorenson, Treasurer
Sandy Young, Member
Beth Karlson, Finance Manager*
Rick Summy, Senior Pastor*
Diana Bohne, Recording Secretary*

Engagement Leadership Team

This team will guide and support Shepherd of the Valley’s ability to engage its community through various functions including, but not limited to, communications, marketing, and brand identity.

Shalom Ewald, Council Representative
Loralee Erickson, Member
Marnie Kittelson, Member
Bill Wilken, Member
David Wilharm, Member
Brittany Baer, Communications Manager
Julie Opheim, Adult Ministries Director
Shawn Vaughan, Worship Director
Kari Slotten, Director of Ministry/Chair

Finance Leadership Team

This team ensures that the generous gifts the congregation receives are used in the most faithful and efficient way possible.

Michael Schaeffer, Council Treasurer
Michael Kelly, Council Vice President
Diana Bohne, Secretary*
Vern Bloomquist, Member
Tarell Friedley, Member
Jim Hedin, Member
Jeff Kile, Member
Dennis Schneekloth, Member
Beth Karlson, Finance Manager*
Jennifer Davidson, Operations Director*

Human Resources Leadership Team

This team makes recommendations on personnel policies, staff structures, and budgeting.

Paul Keller, Council President
Bill Hansen, Member
Kristi Kuhnau, Member
Lisa Beck, Member
Linda Haffner, Member
Dorothy Olson, Member
Steve Mueller, Member
Jennifer Davidson, Operations Director/Chair*

Nominations Leadership Team

This team manages the recruitment process for all other leadership teams.

Chad Dahlke, Chair
Fernando Hernandez, Member
Christine Ice, Member
Christian Loger, Member
Tamara Scott, Member
Duane Paetznick, Pastor, Care

Properties Leadership Team

This team coordinates and oversees all issues tied to improvement, enhancement, on-going maintenance, and repair of Shepherd of the Valley property.

Ken Syverson, Council Representative
Shirley Buchberger, Member
Mark Greenlee, Member
Keith Endreson, Member
David Linner, Member
Mary Olson, Member
Greg Nonweiler, Facilities Manager/Chair
Rick Summy, Senior Pastor

Send Leadership Team

Paula Swiggum, Member/Chair
Suzanne Bernet, Member
Richard Dornfeld, Member
Ann Ryberg, Member
Bill Sturman, Member
David Turnquist, Member
Erin Swenson-Hatzung, Youth Director
Wendy Steger, Pastor, Connect

Stewardship Leadership Team

This team coordinates and oversees all issues tied to thematic development, program design, collateral materials, and timelines related to stewardship campaigns and/or promotions.

Cheryl Seely, Council Representative/Chair
Steve Dobin, Member
Joe Gonnella, Member
David Kuhnau, Member
Karla Williams, Member
Sarah Bane, Youth Director
Beth Karlson, Finance Manager
Rick Summy, Senior Pastor

*designates non-voting member
If you are interested in joining council or a leadership team, please complete an application and email it to nominations@sotv.org.