Endowment Fund

Your Legacy Matters!

Make a lasting statement of your faith and values by supporting the mission of Shepherd of the Valley (SOTV) through the SOTV Endowment Fund.

Learn more about how SOTV’s mission is supported in perpetuity using earned income on Endowment Fund investments.

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2022 Endowment Fund Annual Report
2021 Endowment Fund Annual Report
2020 Endowment Fund Annual Report


There are many options for giving now or in the future. Either way, your gifts will support SOTV’s mission in perpetuity!

You can write a check, donate online, give a stock gift, or allocate your QCD to the “Shepherd of the Valley Endowment Fund” today!

You can designate “Shepherd of the Valley Endowment Fund” in your will or estate plan; or as a beneficiary in your IRA or life insurance plan. Let us know your plans by completing a letter of intent.


You can allocate your gift to one or more of the three Endowment Fund sectors – depending on how you want to shape your legacy!

Supports worship, music, and church facilities.

Supports Christian education for all ages; including summer camp scholarships, bible studies, community programs, and more.

Supports community, national, and global mission initiatives.

See the impact the Endowment Fund has already made!

Questions? Call the Finance Office at 952.985.7315.
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